Here’s an accomplishment we have done together, Reaching Out, Touching Lives, Doing Our Part, Making A Difference…….


A Word From Pastor Paul Olivarez....

Greetings, Family & Friends, I pray that when you read this you will be blessed in Jesus.

It is an honor to be a member of this awesome part of the body (family) of Christ at C.O.O.L. Ministries, Inc. This journey began in early 2009 at Joe Kegans State Jail, where I was an offender in the Faith based dorm “J dorm.”

Pastor Boyd would come in on Monday afternoons and preach and teach the “Breaking The Chains” Curriculum to all the men in the dorm, including myself of course. I was also exposed to many other Biblical teachings from other volunteers and ministers and I am very grateful for them as well, but I seemed to relate to Pastor Boyd more than the other volunteers because of past life styles. Upon my release I visited several other churches and found myself being led by the Holy Spirit to attend C.O.O.L. Ministries, where I attended the “Breaking The Chains” class for two more sessions at Headquarters. Now, for the past 5 years, I’m the facilitator in the same Faith based dorm, and preach and teach the “Breaking The Chains” Curriculum to others.

C.O.O.L. Church is where I met my beautiful wife Amanda and we will be married 5 years now on May the 27th this year. For what reason we didn’t know, but after about 3 years of being married, we didn’t think we would be able to have any children. But in Mark 9:23, Jesus said “all things are possible to him who believes” and on July the 29th 2014 our son Paul Lafette Olivarez was born. You can’t tell me GOD doesn’t answer prayers. I was also able to obtain my associates degree online with Dr.Siddiki at Wisdom Ministries this past year in 2015, and at the end of this year I was given the Grace to record my first CD with Pastor Eddie B. with “Conviction” for Christ Ministries out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the title of the new CD will be “Moving On” it’s definitely rockin for Jesus, it will be available only at C.O.O.L. Ministries, Inc.

Pastors Boyd and Jan have passed the baton to my wife Amanda and me to lead the Wednesday Night Worship and Word Services. We would love for you to come and join us, as we worship the Lord and grow in His Holy Word. Remember Wednesday, is not just the middle of the week but the middle of your blessing come and get in the blessings that our Heavenly Father has for you.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus

Your Associate Pastor/Praise & Worship leader

Paul Olivarez

Pastor Paul Olivarez’s new album, Moving On was released this month at COOL Church and you may request yours today by sending a $10 donation to COOL Ministries, Inc. c/o: Pastor Paul Olivarez P.O. Box 924135 Houston, Texas 77292-4135 (please be sure and identify that you want Paul’s Album)

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