Monthly Archives: November 2014

Support COOL

Support COOL COOL Ministries is on the front lines of the battles against drug and alcohol addiction. We go behind the walls of prisons bring the message of God's love and bringing restoration and healing to thousands of people daily. Our mission is blessed by the donations and support of individuals like you who care…
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Apply God’s Word

Apply God's Word Trials and struggles happen to us all. How we deal with those issues will dictate the path of our lives. No one is perfect but Jesus. If you or one of your loved ones has been incarcerated or has been struck down by addictions, abuse, fears or other strongholds, you can be…
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Recovery from Addictions

Recovery from Addictions Drugs and alcohol are coping mechanisms for peoples way of dealing with life's troubles. They numb the senses, help the addict to "forget" their troubles. The problem with that is once the effect wears off, the trouble still exists. It creates an endless cycle with no result except more pain and suffering.…
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